A reliable and innovative group of consultant pharmacists.  

Complete Medication Services (CMS)

A reliable and innovative consultant pharmacy group.

The service that CMS offers is in keeping with achieving and maintaining accreditation standard 2.7 on medication management i.e. to ensure that the resident’s medication is managed safely and correctly.


Our pharmacists are accredited with the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy with some having achieved certification with the US Board of Specialties in Geriatric Pharmacy. 


Our priority is in education in the area of Pharmacology and Drug Administration in the Elderly.

  • In-services for RNs/EENs.
  • Topics include 'Relevance of the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Legislation to RNs, Drug Handling in the Elderly, Type II Diabetes, Stroke and Palliative Care Medicines.
  • In-services for AINs and PCAs e.g. Basics in Medication Management, Pain Medicines and Medicines for the Bowel
  • Staff personal education e.g. Menopausal Therapy
  • Clinical newsletters for RNs and PCAs on the latest therapeutics information relating to aged care

Medication Management

  • Residential medication Management Reviews (MBS Item 903) that are non-threatening to GPs and informative for RNs
  • Home Medication Reviews (MBS Item 900)
  • Medication Advisory Committees   - Contributions towards Medication Advisory Committee Meetings including review of nurse initiated lists, emergency medication policy and procedures, review of medication incidents and psychotropic drug usage
  • Medication Management Audits
  • Benchmarking - Work closely with supplying pharmacists to provide statistical data on the use of certain medications/medication groups within the facility